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If you would like to keep updated about news of our travel and hear about episodes as they are released, please subscribe to our email list below. There's also a place at the far bottom to email us if you have a question, comment, or concern about the show.

Additionally, you should know that we are willing and eager to travel to meetings (within NEYM), to come and talk with Friends about their experiences of being called into service. If you or someone you know has a story that we could share, we'd love for you to be in touch via the "Contact Us" button below.

Last but not least, we're clear that if it would be of use to your meeting, we can imagine being available (with prior arrangement) to work with folks in any mixture ofthe following ways:

  • Adult Religious Education sessions with topics that could include

    • practices for nurturing Gifts and Leadings into service in Meetings,

    • how to run Anchor/Support/Oversight/Accountability Committees

    • Bible Study to explore some of the scriptural underpinnings of Gifts and Callings and their role in the spiritual community

    • leading conversations based on an episode of the show and/or the queries for that episode;

  • Called Meetings for Worship and opportunities for open Gospel Ministry;

  • Leading programmed or semi-programmed worship, something which any meeting can experiment in doing;

  • Outside help with discernment: facilitating threshing sessions and/or giving workshops on the Clearness Process;

  • Day long or weekend Meeting retreats on nurturing Gifts and Leadings.

Some of these can be offered under the auspices of the Legacy Grant work, and others may require other arrangements. Either way, send us an email via the form below and let’s talk! We're eager to hear what might be on the horizon and our support committees know (and think it is Rightly Ordered) that this will be a season of travel for us. 

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