What is Here?

There are four types of things:

  1. The questions that we (more-or-less) ask in every interview are here. Feel free to give them a look in advance of meeting with us if that helps you to feel at ease. Also, even if you never connect with us directly, these could be used to help you and your meeting think about Leadings and ministry.

  2. Questions and comments that have been sent in from listeners are kept in an "in-process" document that is periodically updated as folks send in their thoughts. That document is here and updated regularly.

  3. Episodes that have interviews in them have been transcribed and the episode transcriptions are below.

  4. Based on the content of each episode we craft some queries that seem resonant with the material. 


What is it For?

We are hoping that at least some of this text finds its way into a few Religious Education sessions or First Day School lessons. We don't have any detailed ideas at the moment, but there will be many queries and lots of content by the time we're done. Let us know if you or your meeting makes use of any of these as a resource: we'd love to hear what you all are doing.




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