Episode 06: Elisabeth Dearborn


This week we sit down with Elisabeth Dearborn, of Putney, VT. We spoke to Elizabeth (who goes by El) in the summer of 2016 - when she was a member of Putney Friends Meeting. Elizabeth shares her experience of a life lived focused on listening for and being faithful to Guidance of the Spirit. Such faithfulness to Spirit’s Guidance took her across the country, to new careers, and, eventually, out of the Religious Society of Friends. El describes the ways in which a peer community of accountability can serve to support and deepen the spiritual path. She also talks about the tension that occurs when mystical experience contradict the spiritual “training” we’ve had. Do we stick with the training or trust our own experiences?  Elisabeth shares stories of incredible openings and opportunities.  We hope you will enjoy this conversation as much as we did.

Questions for reflection, show notes, and a transcript of the show are all here.