Episode 10: Guests Reflect

For this episode of On Carrying a Concern we are excited to welcome three guests from different parts of the Protestant Christian world. We thought it would  be interesting to hear from other Christians, who are not Quakers, what they hear in the stories that Friends tell about leadings and service in the Friends’ tradition.  

Show notes with questions for discussion, resources mentioned in the episode, and a transcript are all available here.


Tuhina Rasche calls herself a “Hudu.” Growing up Hindu in Colorado she was converted to Christianity during and after college. Currently she is an ordained minister in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), though she serves an African Methodist Episcopal church on the team at University AME Zion Church in Palo Alto California.  Her website is here: https://www.tuhinavrasche.com/

Tamisha Tyler is a PhD student at Fuller Theological Seminary in Southern California. She was born and raised in Long Beach, CA but currently resides in Pasadena. Her interests include engaging the intersection of theology, ethics and culture through the work of Octavia Butler. She co-hosts a podcast entitled Why We’re Friends. She is an activist in the #SeminaryWhileBlack #ToxicFuller movement addressing the ways in which predominantly white seminaries (like Fuller) are not safe places for black students (search the above hashtags for more info or see the resources below). Tamisha’s website is here: https://www.tamishatyler.com/

T.D. (Tim) Burnette is the founder and co-curator of the Way Collective, a spiritual community of shared practices and values in the Jesus way in Santa Barbara, CA. He is a pastor in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) denomination. He hosts a podcast called the Theopoetics Podcast. He's also a partner, father, poet, and musician who agrees with Vonnegut that: "You can see all kinds of things from the edge that you can’t see from the center." Although, sometimes it's nice to be centered out on the edge as well.  The website for The Way Collective and Tim are here: https://www.waycollective.org/